Anchorspace Potsdam is at 71 Market Street in Potsdam. It’s between Northwestern Mutual and Verizon on Market Street. We are across the Community Bank parking area (look at the two signs, one is for Northwestern Mutual (on the left) and Anchorspace is on the right. You can enter the glass doors in the front; Anchorspace has both a window sticker and a sticker on the right side door so you’ll double know you are right.

In addition to street parking in the front, there is parking behind the building (just turn onto Willow Street and the parking lot is immediately to the right) and metered street parking in front of the building. You can enter at either the back or front entrance. If entering the back, walk down the hall, which turns slightly but keep going straight and you’ll walk right into Anchorspace’s new door.

(We’re working on photos; Nicole’s cell phone camera took a swim a couple days ago and her new digital SLR is on the way in any case!)

Call us if you have any issues finding us: 207-613-5344 Below is a helpful video we did with the phone camera prior to its dip in Nicole’s sink:

Where To Park

We share our parking with our neighbors so please park in the designated spots in the lot.

There is also parking in the front of the building on the street  (metered).